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Becoming a Model

Today modeling is a highly competitive industry where, however good your look, success can only be achieved with certain vital ingredients: dedication, a professional approach, a good agent and a bit of luck A career in modeling can offer fantastic opportunities to travel the world, meet diverse & interesting people and generate a good income.
Models must work hard to look their best - a healthy diet, regular exercise and general TLC are all essential. What you wear is also important. But looking great is only half the job. Being professional is a must. This means turning up on time, having a positive attitude and generally getting along with everyone at the casting or on the shoot. If you can do all this, your chances of a good career will increase enormously. Remember that competition for work is fierce and standards today are higher than ever.
It is important to be armed with a good basic portfolio. You need this to be able to approach the good agencies. Remember that you will be competing with numerous other hopefuls and that extra special set of images may be a key to the door. Eventually your portfolio will grow with images from work that you have been given. And indeed will need to be topped up as you progress in your career as a model.
Apart from your portfolio you will need a good agency. One that does not try to find ways around the law to charge you. One that will earn from your success through commission and it is in there interest to find you work.
There are lots of girls and boys want to get into modeling. Many are being exploited by bogus model agents who despite the law will try to charge signing on fees. Some will try to get around this by not charging a fee but insist on you using there own photographer! This amounts to the same thing. Also beware of  web based agencies. They are normally geared to get lots of models on there books but get there main revenue from adverts on the site. It is easy to spot them
Luckily there are some good agencies that will cater for all kinds of modeling. See Recommended agencies.
A word of advice…  always visit an agency or shoot with an accompanying parent, guardian or trusted adult.  If you can’t come my studio I insist on I if you are below the age of 18 years. Over 18 I recommend that you do.
At ModelShots I have a series of packages to cater for different needs from a simple head shot to a more extensive fashion portfolio. Being a portrait based photographer I will always be pointing out that spending too much on a portfolio for modeling is wrong but looking at it as a series of portraits of you in your youth is a good approach. If nothing comes of the modeling career, you still have some good images to treasure.  Further, the images are also a good means of gaining promo work

If you are interested in modeling I want to see you.



Model Shots Model & Fashion Photography is run by Gary Maxwell AMPA ASWPP and caters for models of all ages. Gary's natural approach to his work captures the character of his subject giving results that are very appealing and informative of the model. this is exactly what a Model Agency will be looking for. Gary is not aligned to or works for any modeling agencies but will be happy to recommend the best ones for a modeling career.


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